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Buy Me A Coffee is a crowdfunding campaign, aimed at raising seed funding to launch
The Enclave Stress Recovery Center.

This is an invitation to share the vision and partner with us to bring it to life. In my work as a counselor, I teach exercises and coping practices to reduce stress, gain clarity and increase your quality of life. The Enclave lets us go a step further by providing therapies that bring about immediate relief from tension, anxiety, depression, and a range of stress related concerns. Your tax-deductible $25 monthly donation (recurring commitment for 1 year), will be held as seed funding to secure the ideal infrastructure to launch this cutting-edge facility.
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The Enclave is an oasis to unplug from modern-day stressors. It is a stress recovery facility with a network of programs, resources and recovery spaces to unwind, realign and recover. It is unique in that it combines the services of a counseling center, a yoga/meditation studio, a retreat center and a day spa. It also boasts gardens, a labyrinth an indoor rain forest, an ocean room and other open spaces that allow the client to step away from the city and into natural relaxation in an instant. There is also the option to relax in a fully immersive virtual reality (FIVR) experience of your choice. The Enclave FIVR suite builds on existing technology to create fully immersive virtual experiences shared simultaneously by multiple individuals. The 360-degree FIVR experience lets you fully disconnect from daily stressors as part of mental health and stress recovery treatment So, unplug from a hectic day and step into a private massage on the sands of Tahiti, or practice yoga in the mountains of Tibet. Unpack your pain with your psychotherapist beneath Chinese cherry blossoms in full bloom or find your center and balance by meditating alone in a tropical rain forest.

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