Taneshia Kerr is a Pastor and Licensed Christian Counselor who uses various counseling techniques, including Creation Therapy to help her clients.

Four Sessions Could Change Everything

“Working with Taneshia is filled with aha moments! I understand better why I do a lot of what I do because she helps me to understand who I am at my core. That is the springboard for me to mindfully choose what I want to do and shape who I want to be and loving myself and the journey I'm on.” Camy – Bridgetown Barbados

Camy is someone a lot like you; a professional, trying to balance work, family, volunteer service, plus find time for personal growth and stress recovery. And like you, she often second guessed her decisions, then would lie awake at night, replaying her missteps, to try to figure out a better way to be better.

Maybe you can relate to Dr. Stewart, a highly accomplished research scientists with dozens of publications, patents, and citations to her name. She tried for years to find joy in her achievements and purpose in her life, by dedicating herself to her faith. She committed to learning about herself by reading the best self-help books. She bought the latest planners and journals and even invested hundreds of dollars in development programs. But despite all that she still struggled with imposter syndrome and feelings of despondency.

Then in four short sessions, Dr. Stewart and Camy, achieved their deepest level of self-understanding and radically transformed their entire approach to life, love and how they make decisions. “I highly recommend Taneshia Kerr’s Temperament Counseling System because she frequently shares simple ideas and exercises in our sessions that radically change how I view myself and the problem in front of me. In fact, I often share these ideas with my friends when they are in distressing situations and it helps them as well.” Dr. Stewart – Petoria, South Africa.


Jasmine was skeptical to try Taneshia Kerr’s Temperament Counseling System.She assumed the results were a fluke, and this was just another trendy personality test with generic results anyone could see themselves in. But after her initial four sessions, she signed on for on-going temperament sessions – that was six years ago! When asked why, she said “Since we started working together, I find that I am more hopeful in my outlook on life. I am also empowered with tools that can help when I am in an emotionally or mentally difficult circumstance.”

So, what makes Taneshia Kerr’s Temperament Counseling System so beneficial? It’s the difference between understanding your behavior patterns and going deeper to pin-point the temperament traits that drive those behavior patterns.
In Four One-On-One Sessions You Will:
• Learn your own unique combination of temperament traits
• Discover how these traits impact key areas of your life how you love or make decisions
• Find out the weaknesses in your temperament that drive mal-adaptive habits
• Learn how to play to your strengths and healthy ways to address weaknesses
• Get customized, resources and exercises to help you realize your best self

“I recommend Taneshia Kerr’s Temperament Counseling System because she has a beautiful way of helping me to connect the dots from challenges to opportunity in a way that strengthens my faith in God and who He has created me to be.” Ann – Kingston, Jamaica.

Watch the video to learn more about Creation Therapy


In order to give clients, the care and attention that leads to results, Taneshia only works with a limited number of people at any given time. She only admits new clients, as mature clients roll out. Not to worry, if one-on-one sessions aren’t available now, you can join her tribe for support, free resources and information on up-coming group events.

This is the that’s going to have you grinning from ear to ear. On average, counseling and coaching sessions range from $120-$250 per hour, plus the cost of getting your profile report! Taneshia Kerr’s Temperament Counseling System is available for just $300. This combo price gets you, your customized temperament report, plus four one-on-one sessions.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to change the trajectory of your life. You don’t have to feel stuck and afraid anymore. Imagine waking up four weeks from now like Cheri who said, “I live a life of expectancy of good things. I actively pray God's promises and believe them to be true for me. I now visualize the life I want, and intentionally make choices towards manifesting the life of my dreams.” Cheri – Fayetteville NC, USA

If this isn’t for you, then in four weeks you would still have had access to a licensed counselor who will listen and guide you for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy. Get started right now!